Top Gun Pro Racing Ignition Leads 10mm VP VN VR VS V8

Top Gun Pro Racing Ignition Leads 10mm VP VN VR VS V8
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TOP GUN - PRO RACING SPIRAL WIRE - 8.8mm and 10.0mm Double insulated, high temperature cable (250&degC peak operating). Features a reinforced fibreglass braid interwoven between the layers of silicone insulation. The conductor utilises a spirally wound stainless steel construction, in which a single stainless steel wire is helically wound around either a ferrite or kevlar carrier. This conductor has good RFI suppression qualities, with a resistance of between 2,000-3,000Ω per metre length. Uniquely suited for performance applications, for both race track and street applications. 


  Modern performance engines have special requirements as far as ignition wire design is concerned. This is especially seen in Group A Sport Sedans, NASCAR, Speedway, Rallying and Drag Racing.
Ignition wires for these and other high performance engines place high demands on the electrical system. Consequently, ignition wires must be able to deliver the following requirements:
• High Spark Power - to ignite different fuel mixtures
• Good insulation properties to effectively carry high spark voltages
• Robust construction, with excellent longitudinal strength
• Quality terminal connections to ensure positive connections
• An ability to operate under extremely high operating temperatures
• Depending on application, an ability to suppress RFI to acceptable levels

Color Available in Black, Red, or Blue
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